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Jersey Options

Neck Style Options

We can design and supply your team with almost anything.  Choose a material and style, and then view some of our hundreds of different Jerseys to help you make an informed decision.

Circle Neck
A great look if you want to make your uniform look old-school. A circle neck can really set your uniform apart from the rest - many teams choose to go with a lace-up or variation of the V-neck.

Pro-V Neck
This cutting edge style is modeled after jerseys used by most professional teams. Adding to the Traditional V, we use an insert at the bottom of the neckline. We can embroider a small logo onto this insert and use different fabric colors, adding to the appeal of the uniform.

Lace-Up Neck
Add a touch of old-school style to your jersey with a lace up front. As one of our more popular neck styles, the lace-up front can add a nice aesthetic appeal to your team's jersey.


V Neck
Keep your neck style simple with the classic V-neck. This look is always classy and will never go out of style. A good option to cater to everyone's particular tastes.

Jersey fabric is no laughing matter. Gemini uses only the best the industry has to offer. Our fabrics are both lightweight for peak performance and strong to ensure that your jersey holds tough for years to come.

Double Knit Material
Our traditional hockey sweater, with the Gemini touch. Construction is 100% Polyester, 12oz heavy weight knit. Choose from dozens of different styles, colors and options.

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Air Dazzle Material
Our own unique material, developed by Gemini to give you the performance edge you need. Perfect for the team looking to modernize their jersey style.

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Flow Knit Material
We recently added this new cutting edge material in the fall of 2010. Designed specifically for Gemini, Flow Knit offers our customers a light weight, durable product that many teams are currently wearing.

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Cut Style Options

Get a better look at all the elements customizable on one of our jerseys.

Hockey Jersey Sizing

Gemini offers a wide range of sizes to give each player a comfortable and functional feel. See the chart below for a suggested jersey size that will fit you best!

*All adult sizes can be ordered with special goalie cut features.

Height Weight Size
4'4"-4'6" 50-70 lbs Youth Small
4'7"-4'9" 70-80 lbs Youth Medium
5'0"-5'2" 80-90 lbs Youth Large
5'2"-5'3" 90-110 lbs Youth XL
5'3"-5'5" 110-125 lbs Adult Sm (44)
5'5"-5'8" 125-150 lbs Adult Med (46)
5'8"-5'11" 150-170 lbs Adult Lg (48)
5'11"-6'2" 170-200 lbs Adult XL (52)
6'2"-6'4" 200-230 lbs Adult 2XL (56)

Custom Hockey Socks

Gemini game socks are avaliable in any team color and desired stripe combination. Traditional socks are offered in a 44% acrylic/56% polyester knit blend. They are also avaliable in pinhold denier mesh or air dazzle cloth upon request. Solid color practice socks are avaliable in a wide variety of colors.

Minimum order is 6 pair per style/size.

Length Size
16"-18" Mite
20"-22" Youth
24"-26" Intermediate
28"-30" Adult